Your Gifts Keep Our Mission Going Strong!

The Tesfa Foundation relies almost entirely on the donations of private donors. We are a small, grass-roots charity, in which the board is all volunteer, staff is minimal, and healthy trust and training is invested in local staff in Ethiopia. Please help sustain our programs and work in Ethiopia by considering donating monthly or by making a single donation in any amount.

Donate online or mail a check to:
The Tesfa Foundation
PO Box 581302
Minneapolis MN 55458

When donating online or through check payments, please put one of the following categories in the “Leave a Comment” section in PayPal:

  • General Donation
  • Azedebo Preschool & Kindergarten
  • Fundame Preschool & Kindergarten
  • Kololo Primary School
  • Team Tesfa

Urgent Need: Food Program

There is an urgent need to add a food program to each Tesfa Foundation school. The need is especially great at the Fundame School.
Students often come to school without having eaten any food at home. Many of the students live in deep poverty and many are malnourished. The addition of a food program will give students a stronger foundation for their future.
Will you help the students?
50 cents will provide one meal for one student for one day.
A $70 donation will provide one meal a day for one student for one year. 
Help us feed 200 students in Fundame, 295 students in Kololo, and 200 students in Azedebo. 

Donate to the Food Program

Monthly Sponsorship Program

Join the Tesfa Foundation’s Monthly Sponsorship Program, providing continual support throughout the calendar year. Monthly donors receive regular updates from Ethiopia, as well as quarterly newsletters.

Levels of sponsorship include:
Freshmen Level: $25 per month
Sophomore Level: $50 per month
Junior Level: $125 per month
Senior Level: $225 per month

The Tesfa Foundation is a tax-exempt, non-governmental organization (NGO) registered as a 501(c)(3) in the state of Minnesota.